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On Saturday, September 19, 2020, many Painted Prairie neighbors had the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful Saturday morning meeting their fellow residents at Periwinkle Park. The event featured the White Rabbit Coffee truck, donuts from The Dapper Donut, and live acoustical music by Leonardo Armijo. 

Congratulations Diana Kerns of Realty ONE Group Premier for being named the Prairie Partners September Leaderboard Spotlight. As a soon-to-be homeowner in our neighborhood, Diana has a vested interest in our community, the residents, and amazing amenities (current and future). Her enthusiasm is evident in her choice of photo location, attendance at every event, and promotion with current and future neighbors to engage and connect with our community.

On September 10, the Prairie Partners Program held a discussion featuring five of the Denver Metro Area’s top builders and Painted Prairie President, Chris Fellows. The panel’s conversation centered around the local real estate landscape, the unique aspects of the Painted Prairie neighborhood, and the benefits of a neo-traditional community to the city of Aurora and for homebuyers in the North East Metro Market.

In addition to Chris Fellows, the panel included Chris Presley, Owner and President of Epic Homes; Clare Martin, Regional Sales Manager for KB Homes; Danielle Davis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of McStain Neighborhoods; Nash Verano III, Land Acquisition Manager for David Weekley Homes; and Shannon Pachikara, Area Sales Manager for Meritage Homes. Neneh Biffinger, Painted Prairie’s Broker Relations Ambassador moderated the discussion.

To learn more about the Prairie Partners Program, contact Neneh Biffinger at

Congratulations Ashley Faller of Focus Real Estate on being named the Prairie Partners August Leaderboard Spotlight. Ashley has embraced Painted Prairie and all it has to offer her clients. We are grateful to have her as a partner who participates in our events; promotes our community on her blog and social media; as well as, recruiting her Focus Real Estate teammates to engage and connect with our community.

It was a hot summer day filled with art, great food and live music and plenty of social distancing, August 8 at High Prairie Park.

Families and visitors viewed local artists from Art Hot Spot Studios creating real-time chalk art, including a recreation of the famous Harvey Dunn painting, “The Prairie is My Garden” and art pieces inspired by the new High Prairie Park Hearth Wall.

Visitors also enjoyed local food options from California Wrap Runner, Em’s Ice Cream Truck and The Real Deal Food Truck, and live music from David Lawrence and The Spoonful!

Food Trucks & Cool Treats. Misting Tents. Live Music.

Join us August 8 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., for our Heat of Summer (socially-distanced) celebration and experience the creation of chalk masterpieces that honor the prairie. Plus bring out your inner artist with our interactive art activities.

Art-Focused Activities: Local artists from Art Hot Spot Studios creating real-time chalk art, including a recreation of the famous Harvey Dunn painting, “The Prairie is My Garden” and art pieces inspired by the new High Prairie Park Hearth Wall.

Express your own creativity and try your hand at coloring fun chalk drawings of prairie-inspired icons. We will provide individually-packaged chalk for each family to use and keep after the event.

Celebrate Summer with Food Trucks and Cool Treats from California Wrap Runner, Em’s Ice Cream Truck and The Real Deal Food Truck, and live music from David Lawrence and The Spoonful!

Cool off with misting stations, and tours of 13 air-conditioned model homes with summer beverages at each sales center.

Prizes and More: Register with the Painted Prairie App for a chance to win fabulous prizes such as a cool mountain getaway, and a bar top ice maker.

FREE tickets are required. We are asking all attendees to register based on their arrival time as availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. Attendees will be required to wear a mask or face covering while attending the event. Register on the Events page.

Please join us in welcoming Neneh Biffinger as Painted Prairie’s new Broker Relations Ambassador. With more than 15 years of real estate, sales, and business development experience under her belt, Neneh is leading the fulfillment of our Prairie Partner Program. Her energy and passion for connecting and forging relationships with brokers from across the Denver Metro Area, coupled with her tenacious work ethic, has proven to be an invaluable asset to the Painted Prairie team.

I am excited to be a part of the Painted Prairie community,” says Neneh. “This is a unique neighborhood, and it has been fun for me to bring our brokers and real estate agents together in such an amazing environment. The community truly sells itself. Seeing really is believing; and I invite you to come see for yourself.”

Contact Neneh Biffinger for more information regarding participation in the Painted Prairie Partner program at or on LinkedIn at:

What is the Prairie Partners Program?

The Prairie Partners Program is designed to form lasting relationships with registered real estate professionals, agents, and Brokers by providing them with rewards and incentives, marketing opportunities, and a team comprised of homebuilders and a developer that is dedicated to their success.

From connecting and growing with real estate industry leaders, to earning points and perks for simply being a member — Together, we make dreams possible.

Painted Prairie’s Landscape Architects, Diane Lipovsky, and Craig Vickers of Civitas walk us through the inspiration behind the collaboration between Civitas and Black Birch Studio for the design of the Hearth Wall at High Prairie Park.

“I was born on the prairies where the wind blew free and there was nothing to break the light of the sun. I was born where there were no enclosures.” — Geronimo

When we first saw High Prairie Park with the sunset silhouetting the Rocky Mountains to the west and spilling over the seemingly endless prairie, it took our breath away. It was also about 12 degrees. In that moment, we decided that the piece of art we were to create needed to capture the spirit of High Prairie Park in the same way that a piece of a verse can so eloquently capture a moment.

“There was only the enormous, empty prairie, with grasses blowing in waves of light and shadow across it, and the great blue sky above it, and birds flying up from it and singing with joy because the sun was rising. And on the whole enormous prairie, there was no sign that any other human being had ever been there.” — Laura Ingalls Wilder

The Grasses Wall — East Side

The prairie as seen from afar is a monolithic mass of sky and rippling green-gold grasses — dwarfing all who cross it. We chose to get very close to the grasses. To represent them as individuals in a complex system — exploring their rich variety and perfect composition. To better understand the unique grasses of the prairie, Craig Vickers offers his perspective where many of these beauties are highlighted in steel on “The Grasses Wall.”

The Grasses Wall

These grasses are the backbone of the prairie that runs from the foothills to all over the midwest. Naturally, these grasses roots are very deep and form incredible root structures that can get to three to 15 feet deep. It’s a very tough system of plants, but delicate at the same time. There are many other species, of course, these are the highlights of the grasses planted near the wall.

Blue Gramma is a short grass about a foot tall, thin elegant blades and a bunch of grass that forms a fountain shape. The seed heads reach approximately 18 inches tall. It’s a warm-season grass which means it stays green in the heat of summer and wakes up from dormancy in late May. Seed heads develop early and grow to create a flag shape then ripen to curl. It has a gorgeous shape, and we could have created an amazing pattern with just this one species of grass alone.

Buffalo Grass is similar to Blue Gramma, but it is shorter and more like a carpet. This grass often grows together and it is hard to tell each individual grass plant apart until it produces seed.

Side Oats Gramma is also similar to Blue Gramma, but it is a little taller and the seeds form on a straight stem and the seeds stack on one side of the stem.

Little Blue Stem is a gorgeous warm season bunch grass that has a fountain-like form and thin elegant leaves. This grass grows to approximately two feet tall and with the seed stalks it can reach over three feet tall. It develops tall seed stalks in late summer that look like the grass blades but thicker, they flop all over the place in all directions then the seed heads open up to become white and feathery. It is particularly striking when it turns red-orange in the fall.

Big Bluestem is similar to Little Blue Stem except the seed stalks are fewer and a little more gangly in form but tall and striking. The seed head is known for its turkey foot shape when it ripens and gets the same red-orange fall color, and grows to approximately five feet tall.

Prairie Drop Seed is another grass that is similar to Little Bluestem in texture and form, but its seed heads are panicled — each seed head has a central stalk and branches that develop seeds that dangle. It is a light and airy cloud-like grass.

Indian Grass is more like Big Bluestem and the two grasses are often found together. It is a tall grass, coarse, and pushes up a seed stalk that resembles a pipe cleaner.

Switch Grass is more of a coarse clump grass with a seed head similar to Prairie Drop Seed. Its panicles with branchlets and little seeds hang on the stems. It also has a cloud-like appearance and is approximately three feet tall.

The Prairie Quilt — West Side

For so many, life on the prairie was concerned with making a home in the prairie and making the prairie home. As we explored design solutions for the west side of the wall, we looked for the common themes that link those who have made the prairie their home. This side of the wall acts as a back for barbecues and picnic tables, becoming essentially the hearth wall. For the human dwellers on the prairie, the hearth has historically been the place to find warmth, safety, comfort, and food. A gathering place to tell and retell the stories of adventures and ancestors.

The Prairie Quilt

Fragments of vessels, textiles, hunting tools, and agricultural equipment, as well as the noble wildlife that roams the plains supplied us with design motifs to create a large story quilt out of steel. These design motifs include:

Cultural symbols of the prairie — such as textiles and woven patterns used for blankets, quilts, and apparel. The Colorado quilt square, compass points, the running circle representing the wheel, the irrigation pivot, the windmill, and the sun.

Animal symbols — such as prairie chickens, antelope, bison, coyotes, and prairie skippers.

Plant symbols representing the enduring vision of the prairie. Its native grasses, the yucca representing edible plants that sustained inhabitants and the crop plants represented by the wheat motif.

Congratulations to Michael Kerns of RealtyOneGroup Premiere, July’s Prairie Partner Spotlight. Michael has become an integral part of the Painted Prairie community. He is not only a committed advocate who makes Painted Prairie a top option for his clients, he is also a proud, pioneering homebuyer in our neighborhood.

The first full weekend of Summer proved to be a great weekend to show off Painted Prairie. Beginning with a VIP event Friday, June 26, and culminating with a socially-distant community celebration on Saturday, June 27, the socially-distant celebration gave visitors a glimpse into what life could be like at Painted Prairie.

Food trucks, live music, and wildlife demonstrations dotted the community as residents and future residents visited 13 model homes, with some visitors making the decision to call Painted Prairie home.

The fun doesn’t have to end. Stop by and see for yourself why Painted Prairie is the next best master-planned community in Colorado.

Masks and social distancing guidelines were mandated during the June 27th event.
The Cody Sisters performed for the visitors of Painted Prairie.
Social distancing and great music was a big part of the Summer Kick-Off event!
There was plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the many parks at Painted Prairie.
Visitors had the opportunity to fuel up between visits to our model homes.
All of our partner homebuilders maintained proper social distancing protocols while engaging potential residents during our model home tours.
Painted Prairie homebuilders registered more than 600 check-ins on the Painted Prairie app.
Thanks for stopping by and considering Painted Prairie for your new home!
Our parks make great gathering places for residents.
Nature’s Educators were on hand to educate and delight kids and adults alike.
It was a perfect day to test out the playgrounds built by Beanstalk Builders.
What better way to kick off summer than a photo shoot!
Painted Prairie Ambassadors having a little fun while shuttling visitors during the Summer Kick-Off celebration.

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