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One of the best qualities of Painted Prairie is that parks are designed and built from the very beginning, ensuring that when residents first move to the community, they can truly take advantage of what the community has to offer. With over 30 acres of open space, and plenty more on the way, there is so much to do and explore here.

The Great Outdoors in Your Own Backyard

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Painted Prairie Parks Brochure

The vast open space at Painted Prairie provides numerous places to wander, explore, dream, and grow. Read about existing and future parks and see maps of where everything is located. Once the document is opened, you can always email it to yourself or a friend you want to explore with.
Open Parks Brochure
High Prairie Park
Stretching across the heart of Painted Prairie with the Rockies looking on, High Prairie Park is an open air masterpiece of gathering spots, playgrounds, installations, gardens, green expanses, and peaceful vistas all flowing naturally along the subtle rise and fall of the high prairie. Our premier park was thoughtfully designed to inspire adventure, exploration, and connection with the natural world — a place to celebrate, rejuvenate and rediscover Colorado’s unique native wonders.
Sunset Ridge Promenade
When the community was first designed, it was important to preserve the highest ridge on the property. That spot is now Sunset Promenade, overlooking 150 miles of continuous mountainscape. It’s the perfect spot for a sunset stroll.
The Fort
Whimsy and adventure thrive here. This playground was designed to embrace the sense of wonder, imagination, and growth that transcends into the development of a child... enlivening movement, fitness, mental acuity, and the purity of just having fun. Constructed by Beanstalk Builders, the play structures themselves evoke images of a simpler time, when adults and kids were free to explore.
Red Tail Sail
Red Tail Sail is a breathtaking shade feature that offers residents seating, a small stage, and beautiful views of the Denver city skyline and Rocky Mountains. Located in the heart of High Prairie Park, the 40-foot canvas wingspan and steel frame sits in the middle of native flower beds, prairie grasses, and winding walkways that create a balanced space for relaxing in solitude or sharing time with family, friends, and neighbors.
The Arroyo
The Arroyo was designed to capture and honor the prairie’s erosive nature of water as it carves its way throughout the landscape. Woven into the earth are slides, play rocks, and more to inspire wonder. This space is so special that it inspired a poem about prairie arroyos, now monumented at the overlook.
BBQs & Crimson Pavilion
The Barbecue Pits & Crimson Pavilion are the perfect place to host your cookout with friends and family. This area features two big grills available for residents to reserve, with several large picnic tables offering space for everyone. Beautiful, angled, and high ceilings contour the overhead shelter from the prairie sun — and no barbecue pit or pavilion could ever be complete without a few cornhole sets!
Ski Chair Swings
Ski chair swings are the perfect way to overlook High Prairie Park from above. Positioned to face various ski resorts throughout the state, this unique seating offers all visitors a nostalgic feel for Colorado ski lifts year-round.
The Beach
Who says there aren’t beaches in Colorado? The Beach at High Prairie Park may not offer an up an ocean view, but the beautiful soft sand and lounge chairs with mountain views are a pretty spectacular nonetheless. This amenity is also a popular habitat for readers, sunbathers, and sand-castle builders of all ages.
Adventure Run
Adventure Run might be one of the best recreational amenities for youngsters and their families at High Prairie Park. This multifaceted play area features a giant cedar obstacle course with monkey bars, bridges, ladders, climbing ropes, curvy slide and basketball court. It also offers its own shade pavilion for resting and snack breaks.
The Lincoln Logs
Lincoln Logs at High Prairie Park are a perfect supplemental amenity for those who have a little extra energy to burn. It looks more like a modern art sculpture than a playground but, for the residents of Painted Prairie, it’s both!
The Gamble Ropes
The Gamble Ropes are yet another recreational opportunity for the playfully spirited residents of the Prairie. Located along the eastern edge of High Prairie Park, the Gamble Ropes are a great place for youngsters to play or for parents to use for stargazing at night. There is also an accompanying pavilion to use for shade while exploring the ropes.
The Outpost
Adding yet another play layer to High Prairie Park, The Outpost is the newest addition and perfect for hide and seek, sliding, and swinging the days away.
Pocket Parks
At Painted Prairie, we believe that when you move into a new community, you should be able to experience all it has to offer from the very beginning. That’s why the creation of such a robust park system has been prioritized—and it’s only the beginning! With six pocket parks already developed and many more on the way, wherever you are in Painted Prairie, an outdoor adventure is right around the corner.
Periwinkle Park
Periwinkle Park honors the prairie upon which it was built, while foretelling the future of what the prairie will become in the years ahead. Adirondack chairs offer a place to pause and take in the best westward views of the mountains of any park along the Front Range, while families gather for BBQs and impromptu games of tag and bean bag toss.
Lilac Park
A quiet spot designed to be an extension of your own backyard, Lilac Park is the perfect place to take a break on the expansive lawn, or plant your own garden in the Columbine Community Garden while the kids play.
Plum Park
Situated on Painted Prairie’s original Quarter-Mile Pivot, Plum Park is ripe with tradition and possibilities. Pick your own fruit or relax under the trees where you are reminded of the agrarian roots that Painted Prairie was built upon. Plum Park is one of the many pocket parks planted with fruit trees for residents to enjoy.
Mulberry Park
In the summer, native grasses, flowers and butterflies converge upon this small pocket park. This park provides shade, and room to roam and play among the botanical gardens, offering a much-needed nature break for residents.
Amber Park
Amber Park provides an opportunity for quiet reflection while maintaining a connection with the natural environment through an abundant botanical garden.
Lavender Park
One of the roomier corner parks, Lavender Park offers numerous play and gathering spaces defined by colorful plantings and landscape renditions of the Urban Pivots.
The Greenway
Grab your kicks or skates and head to The Greenway, which serves as the primary connection point between Pioneer Park and the Town Center. Stroll your new neighborhood through this lengthy park filled with cozy outdoor hideaways, community gardens, playgrounds, and pavilions.
Honeysuckle Park
This corner park, located directly across the street from The Greenway, will feature Blazing Star Pavilion and includes an outdoor fireplace—the perfect spot to warm up on a chilly fall evening.
Prairie Paws Park
It’s time to let the dogs out! Give your pups some room to roam in this newly open Prairie Paws Park—just for our four-legged friends.
Future Parks
Additional, thoughtfully amenitized parks are planned for all phases of Painted Prairie. Everywhere you wander throughout the enticing streetscapes of Painted Prairie, you’ll encounter pocket parks tucked amongst the beautiful homes, offering places for respite or play. The network of parks will connect residents to the urban vibe of the Town Center’s urban park, the wide open spaces surrounding the Highline Canal and so much more.
Pioneer Park
Whether it’s Wiffle ball or soccer, Pioneer Park will be your go-to for sports fields, a potential future public school site, and more than 17 acres of room to gather and play. Perfect for family gatherings, picnics and school events, the Park will be located within an easy bike ride or walk off Picadilly Trail. Plus, there will be loads of space for your pups to romp and roam. 
Prairie Retreat Park
History comes alive at Prairie Retreat Park. Located on the final headgate of the 71-mile High Line Canal, the park will offer multiple recreational and educational spaces for residents and visitors. The Park serves as a gateway to local regional trails, the Cottonwood Grove Picnic Area, and historical points of interest throughout its 35 acres.
Awarded Best Landscape of a Community nationwide, Painted Prairie is home to some of the most beautiful gardens and landscape features. We firmly believe that open spaces, nature, and environmental sustainability are core pillars of the lifestyle and culture that is sought by our current and future residents.
Indian Paintbrush Gardens
Indian Paintbrush Gardens is one of several community gardens for residents to utilize to cultivate their own crops. Harvest your own piece of land and enjoy the fruits of your labor at the end of a terrific growing season on the urban prairie.
Columbine Gardens
Columbine Gardens are home to more rentable garden beds for community residents. It also hosts an orchard, picnic tables, and abundant space for neighbors to spend time and socialize.
Primrose Gardens
Primrose Gardens is another small community garden with plots available for rent right alongside the Greenway park. You’ll pass it as you walk from Pioneer Park to Town Center Park.
The Orchard
In honor of the western prairie's natural beauty, the orchards are dedicated to discovery. From plums to pears and apples, relish in what this landscape has to offer.
Butterfly Landing
In honor of the western prairie's natural beauty, these gardens are dedicated to discovery. Butterfly Landing was designed to mimic the shape of a Prairie Skipper Butterfly wing. In collaboration with the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, the garden was consciously planted with species like Gaillardia, Butterfly Bush, Yarrow, Echinacea, and Prairie Zinnia to help attract butterflies in the warmer seasons.
Prairie Waves
In order to foster a sense of mystery and discovery, we created the Prairie Waves. These beautifully sculpted berms are seeded with beautiful mixes of prairie grasses like blue gramma and little bluestem, which conceal several recreational play spaces in a natural backdrop throughout the park.
Painted Prairie is home to several miles of outdoor recreation trails, including both smooth-paved concrete walking trails and dirt hiking trails. Whether you are trying to keep your dog clean or get your mountain bike muddy – our community has trail options that will suit every type of explorer.
Paved Trails
Painted Prairie is proud to offer miles of paved sidewalks and concrete trails throughout our parks and community. Whether you’re accessing our beautiful spaces via wheelchair, bicycle, roller blades, or your own feet – you can count on these smooth paved trails to be well maintained year-round.
Rugged Trails
As a quintessential Colorado community, there is no way our culture would be complete without our very own rugged nature trails accessible from our residents’ front doorsteps. These trails are perfect for unplugging and tapping into trail running or mountain biking fixations.
Town Center
An urban excursion, just around the bend. Painted Prairie’s Town Center will be a modern local-to-global destination within walking distance of home. Curated restaurants with a variety of food options, a coffee shop, boutique hotels, markets, music, neighborhood events, and more, it’ll be the ultimate spot to gather with family, friends and neighbors.


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Resident Testimonials

Johann Duran

Once we heard of Painted Prairie in 2021, we were hooked! We loved the diversity of the community, the open space, and everything else it has to offer. Our house has very rapidly turned into a home. We actually met some of our closest friends at a Painted Prairie event.

Jacci Cradle

Painted Prairie has become a place that feels like home for my family because of the strong sense of community and the diverse and inclusive atmosphere. It’s a place where we can connect with neighbors, support local businesses, and truly feel like we belong. The shared values of unity, diversity, and sustainability in the community align with what our family holds dear. It’s a place where children can thrive, and we can contribute positively to the community.

Gabriele Dos Santos

Being an active community while bringing us together on the different events throughout the year. We have been fortunate to enjoy the farmers markets, the neighborhood BBQ, the pancake breakfast, the family painting class, movies at the park and the Fall Festival! Our son and dog also love all the parks!

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