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Painted Prairie's Town Center - Coming Soon

Imagine a local-to-global urban gathering place—in the heart of Painted Prairie. A dynamic connection offering eats, drinks, destination dining, health and wellness, plus collaborative work spaces, boutique hotels and residential. Welcome to Town Center. 55 acres of fresh, unexpected new urban experiences… A one-of-a-kind destination, right in your own backyard. (All imagery is conceptual and subject to change.)


Imagine a modern local-to-global destination within walking distance of home. Curated restaurants serving tacos to T-bones and coffee to pub-fare, BLK4 (an innovative container park), boutique hotels, fitness studios, markets, music, movies and more, you'll find it all in Painted Prairie's Town Center. The ultimate spot to gather with family, friends, and neighbors, it will redefine "going to town."

Resident Testimonials

Johann Duran

Once we heard of Painted Prairie in 2021, we were hooked! We loved the diversity of the community, the open space, and everything else it has to offer. Our house has very rapidly turned into a home. We actually met some of our closest friends at a Painted Prairie event.

Jacci Cradle

Painted Prairie has become a place that feels like home for my family because of the strong sense of community and the diverse and inclusive atmosphere. It’s a place where we can connect with neighbors, support local businesses, and truly feel like we belong. The shared values of unity, diversity, and sustainability in the community align with what our family holds dear. It’s a place where children can thrive, and we can contribute positively to the community.

Gabriele Dos Santos

Being an active community while bringing us together on the different events throughout the year. We have been fortunate to enjoy the farmers markets, the neighborhood BBQ, the pancake breakfast, the family painting class, movies at the park and the Fall Festival! Our son and dog also love all the parks!

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