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As a grandparent, deciding where to spend your retirement years is a decision not taken lightly. Many Boomers and Gen Xers are relocating to Colorado for a lot of reasons. While the reasons are many, three big ones stand out: being closer to grandkids, the exceptional quality of life, and access to top-notch healthcare. Why do these factors make Colorado (and Painted Prairie) the perfect place for this next chapter in your life? Take a look below.

Being Closer to Grandkids

Colorado’s (and specifically, Aurora’s) job outlook has attracted many young professionals to the Painted Prairie community and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon. For more information about the anticipated growth in the Northeast Aurora quadrant, take a look at our recent blog post highlighting the potential in our area.

We all know that setting down roots and establishing yourself in a new community is important to many young families. As our families settle, the flexibility of retirement and the need to stay active, and engaged in their grandkids’ lives becomes one of the most compelling reasons for a move to Colorado. The joy of watching them grow up, attending their school events, and being an active part of their daily lives is one of the biggest motivating factors in Baby Chasing – a term coined for grandparents following their grown children to new areas to be closer to their grandchildren.

Science also has something to say about the benefits of living closer to your grandchildren. Studies have shown that close relationships between grandparents and grandchildren can lead to happier and healthier lives for both (American Psychological Association, 2023). By living close by, grandparents can provide support, share wisdom, and create lasting memories with their grandkids—important for their development and grandma and grandpa’s emotional well-being.

Exceptional Quality of Life

Colorado is renowned for its exceptional quality of life. From its stunning natural scenery to its vibrant cultural scene, there’s always something to explore and enjoy. The state offers over 300 days of sunshine a year, promoting an active, outdoor lifestyle (Visit Aurora, 2022). This kind of environment is perfect for retirees looking to stay active and engaged. Moreover, Colorado’s commitment to healthy living and sustainability ensures that active adults who move to Aurora are met with similar values and lifestyle aspirations.

For active grandparents, Painted Prairie makes it easy to get out and explore our parks, and other attractions with their grandkids. Our proximity to the cultural and entertainment attractions in and around Aurora and Downtown Denver is an easy drive to spend the day at the Cherry Creek Reservoir, hike the many trails in the City of Aurora park system, explore the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, go to the Denver Zoo, or take in a Colorado Rockies game on a hot summer day. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a cultural explorer, or someone who enjoys a peaceful day at the park, Painted Prairie is perfectly positioned for you to stay active and engaged.

Need to jet away to visit family in another state? With easy access to Denver International Airport, you’re just a few hours away from a multitude of domestic or international locations. Painted Prairie is an easy drive to the airport for convenient travel anywhere in the world.

Access to Top-Notch Healthcare

Health is a top priority, especially as we age. Colorado is home to some of the nation’s best healthcare facilities, including the renowned UCHealth University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus (U.S. News & World Report, 2023), the VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System, and several new medical campuses, you are never far from expert medical care. Access to high-quality medical care ensures you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and receive prompt, expert treatment when needed. Additionally, Colorado consistently ranks high in healthcare quality and accessibility, offering peace of mind that your health needs will be well taken care of (WalletHub, 2024).

If your family has made the decision to move to Painted Prairie, and you’re considering the same move, here’s something to think about – moving here is about embracing the Colorado lifestyle. Being near your grandchildren, enjoying an outstanding quality of life, and having access to superior healthcare make this move a perfect fit. Want to learn more about our community? Contact our Community Ambassador, Michelle at [email protected].

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