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Aurora’s Platinum Triangle Area Experiences Dramatic Growth with Painted Prairie at Its Core

Mar 01, 2024

As Colorado’s third largest and most diverse city, Aurora has always held a prominent position in terms of employment, commercial development, and residential prospects. The employment clusters are growing more than ever, especially with the blossoming development of the Platinum Triangle area – an impressive 21,000-acre vicinity located south of Denver International Airport (DEN).

What is the Platinum Triangle?

Dubbed the Platinum Triangle by local leaders and positioned in the northeast quadrant of Aurora and southern Adams County, the area is bound by three major employment anchors/magnets all within a 20-minute drive to and from Painted Prairie.

Bordered by the Colorado Air and Space Port, Fitzsimons Innovation Community, and Denver International Airport (DEN) to the north, the area is poised to become an impressive commercial destination and highly desirable residential area – with Painted Prairie at its core. Anchored by health and bioscience, aerospace and defense, logistics and manufacturing, and next-generation space exploration, the Platinum Triangle is anticipated to attract approximately 20,000 jobs over the next five years.

The development and expansion of commercial, mixed-use, and residential within its boundaries, is highly appealing for national and international companies to locate their headquarters. Attracted by a highly skilled workforce, nearby housing options, commercial amenities, logistics capabilities, accessibility, and proximity to abundant outdoor recreation, these corporations are excited about the potential within the Platinum Triangle boundaries.

“The community’s foresight to create a mix of commercial and business centers, in addition to the investment for connections to future amenities, access to air travel and major interstate highways, and natural bike paths and trails by public/private partnerships make this area highly desirable for major national and international companies to plant their operations.”

Yuriy Gorlov, Vice President, Aurora Economic Development Council (AEDC).

Why is this area so important?

First, its location next to the third busiest airport in the world makes it an exceptional logistical advantage for employers and employees. Accessibility to air transport is not only crucial for businesses that need to ship products nationally and globally but also for industries such as tourism, which require significant human mobility. In this context, companies considering expansion or relocation have found the Platinum Triangle region very appealing.

Additionally, with growing commercial infrastructure, businesses have ready access to the extensive talent pool in Aurora and the surrounding area. Job seekers and anyone looking to start a business will be attracted to the promising job and business opportunities within the Platinum Triangle area.

According to Axios, the Midwest, and Mountain West are America’s new business hotspots, with Colorado’s new business applications spiking to 115% between December 2022 and December 2023.

Less Driving. More Thriving.

Apart from these commercial aspects, there is an often-overlooked human element in this evolving equation – the prospect of living close to the workplace. Shorter commuting times mean more leisure and family time. When people are happier, they are more likely to be productive at work. Most commuters live closer to work within the Platinum Triangle area than the average 30-minute drive time in the Denver metro area and enjoy a short 10-15-minute drive time to work every day.

As the area grows, and as the Town Center at Painted Prairie comes to life, residents will be able to walk or cycle to their offices, cafes, or entertainment spots – thereby, enjoying a work-life balance that is not found in typical suburban living.

Long commutes bring physical and mental stress to the local workforce. The lure of having a home near work has been gaining substantial traction – and is easy to do in the Platinum Triangle. For anyone seeking this sort of convenience and balance, Painted Prairie and the surrounding area are an exceedingly attractive choice.

Jobs Forecast

Companies have realized that the Platinum Triangle is the place to be. Many have placed their headquarters, manufacturing, training, and logistics facilities in the area, and in doing so are bringing thousands of people to the area during the day. In addition, several data centers and manufacturing companies are looking to open operations in the next few years to support the smart factories and medical tech facilities in the area.

Recently, both Pepsi and Coca-Cola announced plans to build new bottling plants. United Airlines has also announced plans to expand its training center at DEN, and Amazon, Dollar General, FedEx, and Kroger have all located and expanded their facilities in the area to take advantage of efficient shipping routes and the talent pool needed to keep things moving.

Kärcher, a German-based global provider of cleaning technology, opened its North American headquarters in the Porteos Business Park, a popular destination for companies looking for commercial and industrial space in the area. The new facility is located approximately three miles from Painted Prairie and is the North American home base for its logistics, administration, training, manufacturing, and showroom operations.

Western Industrial Contractors (WIC), an engineering and construction company serving industrial clients throughout the United States and internationally also built its headquarters nearby. Serving the Airport, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Parcel, Postal, and Power and Heavy Industrial industries, the company is well-positioned to service its clients locally and internationally.

In the 30 years since DEN opened, it has become the largest economic driver in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region. DEN continues to expand and is ahead of schedule to account for its anticipated growth. DEN built 39 new concourse gates, increasing the overall capacity at the airport by 30 percent. The new gates, on all three concourses, allow DEN’s airlines the opportunity to grow and for DEN to accommodate new airlines, including international carriers. The airport is on track to reach 100 million passengers in 2027 — five years ahead of schedule. It also employs 40,000 people.

With the influx of new companies in the logistics industry, manufacturing, aerospace and engineering, and biotechnology, the demand for skilled labor in these sectors will increase and with it, higher salaries. Not to mention the ancillary jobs that support these industries – business operations, data centers, IT professionals, medical staff, education employees, and construction workers.

The Gaylord Rockies Resort, which sits across the street from Painted Prairie recently announced its own renovation and expansion plans, adding to the $800 million initial investment, further setting its position as the hospitality hub of the area. Many of the resort’s employees live in Painted Prairie and are part of Aurora’s booming hospitality and tourism industry. There are 1,500 people employed here and the resort welcomes 450,000 visitors annually.

It’s estimated that in the next five years (2029) the Platinum Triangle area could see 20,000 new jobs.

Transportation and Connectivity

With all this new development, several new and future high-profile infrastructure projects are laying the foundation for increased mobility and connectivity in and around the Platinum Triangle boundaries. Significant improvements to interchanges along E470 and Interstate 70 and interior roadways will further enhance the desirability of the Platinum Triangle for businesses and the people who work for them. E470 is adding a third lane in each direction and there will be seven expanded or new connection points from I-70 and E470 in the area in the next few years.

Physical roads and infrastructure aren’t the only expansion in the region. Comcast is expanding its next-generation network, the Xfinity 10G Network to serve the immediate and surrounding area. Extending new fiber-rich highways to connect homes and businesses throughout the community. The planned expansion adds to Comcast’s ongoing $1.2 billion investment in Colorado over the last three years.

Services and Schools

The growth within the Platinum Triangle brings additional services such as schools, retail, recreational facilities, eateries, and healthcare facilities. From pre-k to college, there is a wide range of educational opportunities to learn and grow in the Platinum Triangle. There are currently more than a handful of schools planned and starting construction.

Advent Health is breaking ground on a medical office building with an ER, and Intermountain Health has completed phase one of its latest medical facility off I-70. The Fitzsimons Innovation Community works closely with researchers and scientists in the local medical community and is a national and international leader in biotech research. There are nearly 30,000 employees on this campus between the hospitals and more than 80 start-ups.

There are 17 universities and two-year technical schools in and around the area. Some of these schools include Community College of Aurora, Pickins Tech, CSU Global, and many more. Aurora Public Schools, local independent charters such as High Point Academy, and many private schools provide quality education options for new and returning students.

Painted Prairie is a Smart Investment

The investment in a home in a high-growth area not only lends itself to convenience, but it attracts new businesses, as well as entertainment and lifestyle options, which increases home values as the area grows. Already, business, education, and medical facilities are popping up all around the area to account for the future expansion and migration of more families.

“After you layer in the quality of the workforce and the availability of high-paying jobs now and in the future, the Platinum Triangle creates a really attractive place to live and set down roots for a long time.”

Yuriy Gorlov, Vice President, Aurora Economic Development Council (AEDC).

Aurora, with its Platinum Triangle, exemplifies the exciting possibilities of well-planned urban development. Its growth potential for businesses and Painted Prairie’s allure as an award-winning residential area sets both apart, positioning it as an epicenter for both personal and professional growth.

As the boundaries between work and living spaces become increasingly blurred, Painted Prairie is proud to be a part of the evolution of the next great place to work, live, and play.

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