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Did you know that Colorado boasts the second-largest aerospace economy in the United States, home to over 300 aerospace companies?

According to the Aurora Economic Development Council (AEDC), the aerospace and defense sectors are pivotal drivers of our local and state economies. With five military commands and three Air Force bases—highlighted by Buckley Air Force Base—these facilities attract top talent and foster ancillary industries within Aurora. 

Private companies specializing in aerospace, cybersecurity, and space missions have positioned our city as a premier destination for industry leaders nationwide, solidifying Colorado’s status as a leader in aerospace employment. With an easy commute (in some cases – less than 20 minutes) to the Buckley Air Force Base, the U.S. Space Port, and many local aerospace and defense companies, Painted Prairie is the perfect location for civilians and military personnel to make a home in our community.

From Air Defense to Space Tourism

Located approximately 10 miles from Painted Prairie, the U.S. Space Port is a key aerospace facility aiming to establish Colorado as a central hub for commercial space activities. Its mission includes supporting both government and private sector space missions, from satellite launches to potential space tourism ventures.

This initiative leverages Colorado’s robust aerospace infrastructure and expertise, complementing the state’s existing network of aerospace companies and research institutions.

Buckley Air Force Base and National Security

Buckley Air Force Base plays a crucial role in national defense as home to the 460th Space Wing, which oversees global missile warning and space surveillance systems. The base supports over 93,000 active duty, National Guard, Reserve, and retired personnel, along with their families. Its strategic location in Aurora and Colorado’s thriving aerospace community makes it a cornerstone for critical operations.

Economic Impact

Buckley Air Force Base alone employs over 12,000 personnel, stimulating local industries like healthcare, retail, housing, and education. The base’s contracts with local businesses further bolster the regional economy, extending its impact beyond direct employment.

Collaboration and Innovation

The Denver Metro area benefits from a highly educated workforce from local universities, specializing in aerospace, engineering, and technology. These institutions collaborate with aerospace and defense contractors on research projects, offering students real-world training. This synergy between public, private, and academic sectors drives innovation, contributes billions to Colorado’s economy, and supports tens of thousands of high-paying jobs. 

Colorado leads the nation with a concentration in private-sector aerospace employment, five times the national average (AEDC).

Endless Opportunities

Painted Prairie’s location within Aurora’s Platinum Triangle offers numerous benefits, including proximity to many of the high-paying jobs and employers in engineering, administration, research, manufacturing, and bioscience. The area boasts top-tier educational institutions like Colorado State University and the University of Colorado, providing students with opportunities to learn alongside industry experts.

Whether you’re part of the aerospace and defense industries or not, Aurora’s robust economic landscape makes it an ideal place to settle down and thrive. With the region poised for growth, Painted Prairie stands at the heart of this emerging community.

To discover more about the area and Painted Prairie, reach out to our Relocation Expert, Michelle Tripp, at [email protected].

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