Neo-Traditional Planned Community

A community where families flourish and friendships are made, Painted Prairie incorporates community-building moments within the haven of home. Tree-lined streets with alley-loaded homes create front yards with room to play and connect. At Painted Prairie, connectivity is key, whether being linked to the community through a variety of ultimately-walkable, bike-friendly streets, paths, and trails, to the connectivity you’ll discover when meeting friends at Town Center for a morning yoga class and cappuccino. Painted Prairie is where memories are made and friendships formed.

Why You Belong Here

Looking for the warm spirit of home, combined with endless opportunities for exercise or enrichment? Painted Prairie offers enticing design options and opportunities for community involvement, whatever your life-stage. Like Painted Prairie’s original settlers, this is a community built on diversity and inclusion, where we learn and grow through shared experiences. Our community is made of many people, with varied stories, creating a fresh and unexpected living experience.

Community Gardens & Green Spaces

From the front steps of your home to the greater adventures awaiting just outside, at Painted Prairie, nature surrounds you. Paths and trails connect you to beautiful vistas, parks and open spaces. Relax in breathtaking sitting areas and pavilions. Community gardens abound, offering the opportunity to toil in the soil and encourage new growth. Two vast parks—huge expanses to explore—are just the beginning, as smaller parks are around every corner, just waiting to be explored.

The Perfect Fit

Explore an unexpected mix of home styles to find what’s just right for you.

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