City Lane

Imagine a local-to-global urban gathering place—in the heart of Painted Prairie. A dynamic connection offering eats, drinks, destination dining, health and wellness, plus collaborative work spaces and boutique hotels. Welcome to City Lane. 55 acres of fresh, unexpected new urban experiences… A one-of-a-kind destination, right in your own backyard.

Eats & Sips.

Enjoy the scintillating flavors of the locally-sourced international food hall and the variety of chef-driven destination restaurants. Meet friends over drinks as you savor the creative craft cocktails and enticing urban environment. If you have a craving, City Lane will be your go-to gathering place for wish fulfillment.

Co-work. Connect.

Need a space in which to work? Merge offers invigorating co-working options, giving you the freedom to work close to home, and be connected to the international food hall, should hunger call. Network, create, collaborate, and work—at Merge!


Activated urban retail, offering an array of sensory wellness options, local-to-global dining, fresh farmers market and unique boutique hotels. Painted Prairie updates the urban experience, mixing it all with an adventurous spirit and the ultimate in connectivity. Just imagine, a fresh urban experience, just steps from your home.

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