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New Year, New Parks: Three New Parks are Coming to Painted Prairie in 2024

Dec 20, 2023

If you know, you know we love our parks. We’re excited to share that our park systems will expand in 2024!

The Park at Town Center, Ruby Park, and Violet Park are set to become the next best spaces in our neighborhood. Coming in 2024, those parks are meticulously designed to offer unique experiences, fostering connections and providing spaces for fun, food, and relaxation.

The Park at Town Center will be the heart of an urban landscape – a town square surrounded by retail, office, and residential. Indulge in tasty fresh fare, get your caffeine fix at the local coffee shop, enjoy live music and movies in the open space, or bring a picnic – the Park at Town Center will have everything you need to enjoy the Urban Prairie. Watch the website, our emails, and our social channels for opening dates. 

Surrounded by the future Prairie Retreat Park,  Ruby and Violet Parks will anchor two new neighborhoods in the next phases of construction at Painted Prairie. The parks will become an integral entrance point for Prairie Retreat Park and its gateway to regional trails and access to the final headgate of the 71-mile historic High Line Canal.

At Painted Prairie, we understand the importance of spaces that not only enrich our lives but also foster a sense of togetherness. These new parks symbolize our ongoing commitment to creating environments where families can flourish, friends can connect, and the community can thrive.

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