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Learn More About The Greenway: Painted Prairie’s New Park

Oct 31, 2023

Welcome to The Greenway! This charming park not only serves as the primary connector between the future Pioneer Park and the future Town Center but also offers a range of fun and engaging amenities designed with residents in mind. Phase I is now open and residents are already taking advantage of the ping pong, chess, and bocce ball courts along its path.

The park boasts a shaded pavilion for meeting with friends, and a community garden where residents can grow vegetables, fruit or flowers. Each outdoor space is thoughtfully created to bring neighbors together and provide a space to relax, play, or exercise.

The Greenway is a linear park, designed to create walkable paths and encourage physical activity for residents and visitors. In addition to supporting personal mobility and active recreation, linear parks like Painted Prairie’s The Greenway, provide additional access to green spaces, play areas, and community gathering spots that enhance the outdoor spaces along one of Painted Prairie’s major streets. 

At completion, The Greenway will be one of the best ways to walk, bike or jog to Town Center Park, Pioneer Park, and the many other parks in the Painted Prairie system. The park is located along 63rd Ave. and currently extends west toward the future Town Center. 

The Greenway is more than just a park; it's a new hub for getting together and hanging out with family and neighbors. So, grab your skates, your jogging shoes, or your scooter, and head to The Greenway!

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