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Adventure Awaits at The Fort

Nov 04, 2020

Whimsy and adventure thrive at The Fort in Painted Prairie’s High Prairie Park. These playgrounds were designed to embrace the sense of wonder, imagination, and growth that transcends into the development of a child…enlivening movement, fitness, mental acuity, and the purity of just having fun.

“Life on the prairie wouldn’t be complete without the magic of playtime,” said Diane Lipovsky, Landscape Architect, Civitas. “We want to give kids a special glimpse into the look and feel of the pioneer, we created a series of play experiences centered on the treehouse, she said.”

Constructed by Beanstalk Builders, the play structures themselves evoke images of a simpler time, when adults and kids were free to explore. “We were inspired by the Swiss Family Robinson ethos, and we worked with Beanstalk Builders out of North Carolina to craft beautiful experiential play features that amp up the views of the grasslands, the mountains, and the different areas around the park,” said Lipovsky.

“We loved Beanstalk’s whimsical approach to play and their unusual, natural style. These pieces are so unique here, but they really work with the prairie aesthetic we have developed.”

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