Future-Centric Design

Every aspect of Painted Prairie was carefully considered and designed to reduce the impact of our community on the environment. Slightly smaller individual lots make our phenomenal park and trail system possible, where residents can spend their days enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Even the streets at Painted Prairie are narrower than those you might find in other communities, helping to reduce reflective heat that raises temperatures in urban areas. For residents, this means a more comfortable, more natural environment requiring less artificial cooling in summer months.

A Celebration of the Wild

Painted Prairie was developed not to recreate the natural environment, but to accentuate it. Native, drought tolerant grasses lend their color to the landscape, requiring minimal irrigation, fertilizers, and maintenance to thrive. Similarly, residents are encouraged to embrace xeriscaping, a style of landscaping that requires little or no irrigation. The native wildflowers and plant species throughout the community attract and give shelter to flora and fauna that thrive on the plains, giving residents myriad opportunities to discover their beauty. And soon, in partnership with the City of Aurora, the curbside landscape areas that line our streets will be cared for by the Metropolitan District, whose special attention and expertise will help to further increase our efficiency and sustainability.

Butterfly Garden

In addition to the many wonderful outdoor spaces at Painted Prairie, from Sunset Ridge to The Arroyo, Butterfly Landing at High Prairie Park was developed in partnership with the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colorado, to offer residents a chance to surround themselves in the technicolor splendor of countless types of butterflies, which dance from flower to flower.

The Perfect Fit

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